Ogee Aluminium Guttering

Ogee Aluminium Guttering

Taking cues from classical 1800s Victorian gutters is our aluminium Victorian ogee guttering. This guttering can provide an attractive guttering solution for both contemporary and period architecture. Our gutters offer the timeless appearance of cast iron but with all the benefits of lightweight, low-maintenance aluminium.

You can purchase our Victorian ogee gutters in a few different sizes. They come in standardized lengths of either 1.8m and 3m. We also offer them in four widths, ranging from 110mm up to 160mm.

Because we produce our own aluminium gutters, we can provide whatever size you need. Simply request the size you want, and we will produce it for you.


Fixing and Brackets

Typically, we will back-fix our ogee gutters directly to the building’s fascia board to keep them secure.

If you have any projects that require specialised gutter brackets, then please let us know, as we can manufacture them for you.


The fittings we manufacture work beautifully with the Victorian ogee gutters we sell. These fittings include the following types:

  • Apex angles
  • High-capacity internal angles
  • Sleeve outlets
  • Shaped stop ends
  • Back outlets
  • Stop ends
  • Irregular angles
  • Gutter angles
  • Running outlets

There are other items we can make especially for our clients. Just ask us and we will see what we can do for you.

Curved Gutters

Some projects necessitate curved Victorian ogee gutters, also called radii or radius gutters. We can produce these specialized gutters for you, and our standard manufacturing size is 1m apiece.


You can have your Victorian ogee gutters finished with one of a variety of colours or textured finishes. We also provide options for metallic finishes, polyester powder and more.

Our gutters come with a mill finish as standard, but we can find special colours for you to match your project needs perfectly.

Why You Should Use Our Aluminium Ogee Guttering

There are numerous benefits to using our aluminium Victorian ogee gutters. Not only are they fast and simple to install, but they also require little maintenance, are quite durable and are incredibly lightweight. The jointing we use on the gutters has been tested to last 25 years or more.

In order to provide faster installation, we use integrated welded spigots. We also use butt straps and double spigotting to create less waste and to ensure that there isn’t the need for very many joints.

One of our top concerns is environmental protection, and we commit to that effort in a few ways. Our aluminium gutters are made from 90% recycled materials, and we can equip your building with a system that recycles rainwater.