Extruded Aluminium Guttering

Extruded Aluminium Guttering

We offer the most economical style of aluminium guttering available today- high capacity extruded aluminium guttering. This is one of the most modern styles you can get, and it gives you the best value for your money.

We sell extruded guttering in a variety of colours, so it can be ordered to match your home’s colour. It does not have to look out of place at all, seamlessly matching with the rest of the house.

extruded aluminium guttering

This type of guttering also comes in a few different profiles and styles, so you should have no problem finding a look that suits your needs perfectly. Furthermore, by utilising aluminium materials, the guttering is lightweight and very durable. That means it won’t be easily damaged by heavy debris or strong winds as easily as some heavy duty guttering materials might be. The lightweight construction also makes it easy to move and install, which saves you or your installer time and money.

This guttering is made to last a long time, resisting corrosion, rust and breakage. Most gutters of this type last for years, with little need for maintenance or repairs. This guttering can last as long as 40 years for most residential sites and as much as 25 years for industrial sites.

More and more guttering experts are recommending extruded aluminium guttering because of all the benefits it offers while still presenting an affordable choice for consumers. Other types of guttering may last a bit longer or offer some additional features, but they tend to be priced at a point where they don’t offer as much value for your money as aluminium guttering.

Installation is quick and simple, with the gutters being held in by a series of brackets. Besides basic cleaning of the gutters, no serious maintenance should need to be done to the gutters, and don’t forget our insurance backed 30 years guarantee.