Gutters are an essential part of a house as they channel away water from the foundation of a house. Basically, what this means is that gutters are ensuring your house stays in place.In this article you will learn about 7 Common Gutter Problems Every Homeowner Should be Aware Of

For gutters to do their job properly, there are several maintenance checks that you need to carry out regularly. Fixing most gutter problems is as easy as hanging a bulb, which is quite convenient for most homeowners.

The life expectancy of a gutter depends on its material.

  • Copper gutters last the longer, almost up to 50 years
  • Aluminium gutters last up to 20-30 years
  • Gutters made of galvanized steel last for approximately 20 years

If you consistently follow the maintenance schedule of these things, they may last even longer. There are a few common guttering problems that most people face.

1. Clogging of Gutter

Clogging of Gutter

Clogged gutters are the most common guttering issue faced by homeowners. The root cause of this is accumulating of excess debris, twigs, and leaves. These things block the path of water and as a result, the gutter can’t drain properly. It becomes quite a nuisance since gutters start overflowing in rainy season if they are clogged.
The best way to unclog your gutters is to just clean them yourself. Get on a ladder and unclog the gutter by removing all the leaves and debris. After you are done the cleaning, flush with a hose to ensure that it is draining water properly. It is best to clean your gutters twice a year and also after storms or windy spells. There are a number of gutter covers available in the market too. These include mesh covers and clip-on grates. However, these are a little costly and require maintenance themselves too.

2. Leaking of Gutters

Leaking of Gutters

If your gutter has a leak, you will definitely know. There will be water coming from the middle of your gutter. Fixing leaks and holes in the gutters is quite easy. There are two ways of doing this.

  • Gutter sealants
  • Patches

If the holes are very small, you can use gutter sealants to repair them. A tube costs approximately $5 and is quite easy to use. If the holes appear bigger, you will have to go for patches. The patches must be of the same material as you gutter is. If you choose a different material, it may cause eroding away of the material.

3. Sagging Away of Gutters

Sagging Away of Gutters

Gutters are connected to the house by hangers. In case your gutter is clogged or is full of waste, it is likely that the hangers will not be able to bear that weight. As a result, they pull away from the house. Fixing hangers is an easy job. All you have to do it screw them back in place with fasteners costing as little as £1. Sometimes, the hangers maybe too far apart. For this, you might need to install new hangers. This is also quite a cheap (a hanger costs £10) and easy DIY task.

4. Positioning of Downspouts

Positioning of Downspouts

Sometimes, downspouts may be positioned too close to the foundation. This will cause the water to be drained in the vicinity of the house. The solution to this is the installation of gutter extensions. This will ensure that water is drained well away from the foundation.

5. Improper Pitching of Gutters

Improper Pitching of Gutters

Just like the downspouts, sometimes even the gutter themselves maybe improperly pitched. The correct pitching slant is a quarter inch of slant for every 10 feet. This will effectively lead the drainage water to the downspouts. This can be solved by either rehanging the hangers or just bending them to align them properly.

6. Damaged Gutters

Damaged Gutters

If your gutters are damaged, they will not be able to do their job properly. To look for damage, simply climb up a ladder to have a look. If there is standing water, that is a sign of damage. You may need to unclog the gutter or adjust the hangers. This requires monthly check-ups to deal with the damage before it gets any worse.

7. Missing Gutters

Missing Gutters

Quite unfortunately, some houses may not have an adequate guttering system. This causes damage to the foundation of a house. It is best to have gutters professionally installed. Although there are a number of materials to choose from, aluminium remains the best choice. This is because it is durable and if managed properly, it can last forever.

According to William owner of The Aluminium Guttering Company based in London “Unless an aluminium gutter is damaged by something, it will last forever” In conclusion, it is absolutely essential to regular check the gutters of your house. It will not only keep your drainage working properly, it will also ensure the longevity of your home’s foundation.