Aluminium Box Gutters

Aluminium Box Gutters

The Aluminium Box gutters that we sell are designed to accommodate older styles as well as contemporary ones. They can even be crafted to fit those projects that necessitate a high-capacity gutter. These gutters often go by other names as well, including rectangular gutter and square gutter.

The box gutters work well with fascia soffit systems that use a wraparound style, since these gutters can easily be concealed. We also offer options for pressed and fabricated box gutters that fit special profiles.

The Aluminium Guttering Company offers eight different profile widths as standard, but of course, we can produce any number of sizes to fit our customers’ needs. The standard profile widths we offer range from 100 x 75mm up to 300 x 200mm.

Why Choose Our Aluminium Box Gutters?

When you go with our box gutters, you get to enjoy a number of great benefits. They are not only lightweight and easy to install but also durable and easy to maintain. Every gutter we produce comes fitted with welded internal brackets, and the jointing system we use has been shown to last for longer than 25 years.

We ensure our gutters are simple and fast to install. They all come with integrated welded spigots or butt straps. To ensure there is less need for joints or wasted materials, we use double spigots in all our guttering.

The aluminium we use is made from at least 90% recycles materials, and we can fit your building with a rainwater system that will recycle water for you. These are just a few of the ways that we are committed to green business practices.


Our Fixings and Brackets

In general, we attach the box gutters directly to the buildings fascia board through back-fixing. In order to accommodate this method of fixing, all of our box gutters have been predrilled and they come with welded cross braces.

We also offer a range of other brackets, including rafter brackets in both side and top fix varieties, fascia brackets and mortar brackets. We can also manufacture any specific types of brackets you need, so feel free to request them as needed.

Our Fittings

We offer a selection of fittings that complement our aluminium gutters, including the following types:

  • Stop ends
  • Raked angles
  • High-capacity internal angles
  • Apex angles
  • Irregular angles
  • Gutter angles
  • Running outlets
  • Sleeve outlets

We can produce a number of different special items, since we manufacture our own guttering products.

Our Curved Gutters

We produce curved gutters as well, usually in our standard 1m lengths, but they can be whatever size you need them to be.

Our Coats

There is a wide selection of coatings and finishes available for all the gutters we produce. You can request any colour you like, even special colours not shown in our catalogue. Or we can just finish them in a metallic finish, the standard mill finish or a textured finish.