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The Aluminium Guttering Company are the UK supplier and installer of aluminium rain water gutter systems. This type of gutter is fast becoming the industry standard. Superior in its durability and aesthetically pleasing, our gutters come with a market leading 30 years insurance backed guarantee.

We provide the only aluminium gutter which is conforms to the (British Board of Association). In addition, we supply and fit barge boards, cladding, fascia’s and soffits to suit properties of all age and type.

Why Choose Aluminium Guttering

Aluminium alloy is an incredibly strong, lightweight metal that has proven to be a great choice for guttering. It can handle snow and rain without rusting. In fact, exposed aluminium won’t corrode at all with weathering or water damage. Instead, it oxidizes and forms a more powerful barrier against corrosion. We use a powder coated finish that looks and feels like iron, yet is significantly lighter.

This is the alloy that all other metals wish they could be, being the most versatile and widely used in construction projects around the world. Aside from strength, durability and being insanely light, aluminum has other great properties too:

  • Maintenance Freeno need for painting, or repairing and no seams mean no potential for leaks.
  • Great lookswho would have thought guttering could look so good.
  • Environmentally friendly – we use 90% recycled aluminium of the highest grade.
  • Durable– Lightweight, strong, resistant to corrosion; life expectancy is well in excess of 35 years.

Aluminium will suit you well if you want a guttering system that’s affordable, comes in a variety of styles and looks great. Aluminium guttering is also totally maintenance free – who doesn’t want that? We offer guttering in smooth contemporary and more classic, textured finishes.

What does Aluminium Guttering Cost?

Because every property is different, and costs are dependent on the lengths and fittings required, why not ask for a quote? As a general rule of thumb, prices will start from £10 per meter for supply only, and from £20 per meter for supply and installation. This of course will come with our market leading 30 years guarantee for all products we install.

Excellent value for excellent service – it’s something that we always strive for in providing exceptional quality guttering to take care of that rain water runoff in style!

Aluminium Gutter Sizes

Gutters can be produced in up to 30 continuous  meters. The catchment area and heights are available in two sizes:

  • 125mm x 90mm – 90mm being the back edge height 125mm being the catchment area. With this size of gutter this is the recommended size for residential properties.
  • 150mm x 130mm – 120mm being the back edge of the height and 150mm catchment area. With this sizing of gutter we would normally be used on commercial and industrial properties, such as schools, garages, office blocks etc.

 Profile Styles

Our customers love our Ogee sluice profile, but we do have one of the most diverse profile selections on the market today so you can make your rain water channel system truly unique among your neighbours. Available profiles include half round and beaded deep flow round.

Extruded and Pressed Aluminium

Every gutter and sluice that we produce is roll formed on-site, manufactured between 2.0 and 2.5. The manufacture of these extruded gutters are far superior to anything else on the market so you know that you are getting a high quality system when you order from us.

Box Gutters

We also supply a range of aluminium box gutters, suitable for all property types.Seamless Continuous Lengths

All of our aluminium alloy gutters are totally seamless, up to 30 metres, and this means no joints. Leaks and drips are a thing of the past, so no more random splashes on the head as you pass underneath and no more annoying ‘drip, drip, drip…’ when you are trying to sleep!

Range of Colours

For total customisation, we also provide a range of coats and finishes for all of our aluminium guttering products. Right now our most popular colour is anthracite but our range is wide enough for to find the absolute best colour for your rain catchers so they match your home perfectly.

Trusted Supplier of Aluminium

We work with a variety of clients from all sectors. Including: Homeowners, roofers, property developers, architects, and local authorities.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote today or even some advice about your existing system and what your next steps should be if there is an issue.


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