Aluminium Guttering

Aluminium Guttering

The Aluminium Gutter Company produces a wide variety of aluminium gutters designed for every kind of building. Our aluminium guttering can be made to conform to modern, retro, period, contemporary, faux or listed architecture. The gutters we create can fit any need, whether you want to refurbish, replace, repair, renovate, restore or build from scratch.

Standardized Gutters

We have a large catalogue of aluminium guttering sizes and shapes available. Our gutters include conventional gutters like those that get their inspiration from the cast iron gutters of the 1800s. These include Victorian, Beaded Deep Run, Beaded Deep Flow, Ogee, Moulded Ogee and Half Round gutters. We also offer more contemporary aluminium gutter styles, such as the Bull Nose, Raked Box, Shaped Box and regular Box varieties.

What Our Gutters Are Made from

Gutter industry experts agree that Aluminium is the best choice for creating gutters. We use a few varieties of the metal to manufacture the gutters we sell. These include cast aluminium, extruded aluminium and marine-grade aluminium sheet. In order to turn these raw materials into usable gutters, we fold, press, fabricate, form, weld and extruded them, crafting full gutter sections, brackets, fittings and various accessories.

Coating Options

We offer a few choices for coatings and finishing on our aluminium gutters. These include bare mill finish and polyester powder coating as well as a wide variety of colours and textured finishes.

Trusted Supplier of Aluminium

Merchants and builders all across the UK trust us to supply them with high grade aluminium gutters.